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The Monthly Newsletter ~ November 2017

The newsletter is a monthly collection of stuff of interest to car hobbyists. If you wish to submit an article or photo please go to the Submissions Page for info.

From Fred
This month I'd like to repeat the president's message I wrote for the car club council because I think it is important.

There was a surprise at the last council meeting. Tom Herman, who owns several antique fire trucks, came to the meeting with a personal property tax bill for an antique fire engine. He lives in Chesterfield not far from me. Chesterfield has for years been assessing antique vehicles at $100 each. When I called the county years ago about this I was told that it was because the system lists them at that value but they are not taxed. After Tom met with current Commissioner of the Revenue McPeters (he is running for election) I now know that is not true. In fact Chesterfield assesses most antique vehicles at $100 but does not send a tax notice because the tax would be $3.60 and no tax bill for under $10 is sent. The antique fire truck is a big heavy truck and vehicles of that weight Chesterfield assesses at $1000. We don’t know why they do so. On $1000 the tax bill is $36 and Tom got a bill. He met with McPeters and I have an email from the commissioner explaining that county code does not exempt antique vehicles from exemption.

He is correct on that point as I have researched the county code and apparently when the state passed a law back in the 1990’s ending assessing and taxing antique vehicles the county never updated their law.

Recall a couple of months ago the county posted ads in newspapers stating it was going to change the county code to end the local registration tax on antiques. The General Assembly this year passed a law ending antique vehicle local registration fees. Looks like Chesterfield missed the law on the property tax.

The solution is simple – change the county code to exempt antiques from taxation. I have contacted Matoaca Supervisor Steve Elswick and asked him to help. He has contacted the county manager and the other board members. I am hoping we can get this resolved soon. It should not be a big problem as the county is not actually sending tax bills to anyone except those vehicles with a weight of 15,000 pounds or more. How many antique vehicles in Chesterfield are 15,000 pounds or more – it can’t be many so not much tax revenue is going to be lost.

Years ago I thought the battle over antique vehicles being taxed as personal property was over. I’ve contacted several localities over the years and was successful at getting them to end the tax. Now I have to work on this right in the county where I live.

This is an excellent example of why we need to change the exhaust law. Yes, I have heard from many people who say why screw with this when the police don’t bother to enforce the law. The law is right there in the Code of Virginia and after meeting with the State Police we now know:
1. Conversion from single to dual exhaust is illegal in Virginia
2. Any exhaust part that is not exactly like the OEM part is illegal
3. Any exhaust part that produces ANY noise in excess of the OEM part is illegal
4. ANY exhaust part you buy for your vehicle that does not meet OEM noise level is illegal – try and fine an muffler that is quieter than the stock factory one
5. Try and find OEM exhaust parts for any vehicle other than the most popular ones – plus where will you find OEM parts for Packard’s, Hudson’s, Nash’s, Rambler’s, etc.

This is an unjust law and it needs to be changed to update it to the reality before some police department decides it is time to begin enforcement and bring in some revenue. I’m still searching for a member of the General Assembly with the guts to stand up to the State Police and tell them they are wrong on this.

Tire changing has never been easy on the side of the road

A rusty truck hauling rusty cars

News You Can't Use ~ 100% True
Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse wants to lock up “climate deniers.” Other Democrats in Congress wanted to strip “deniers” of all federal grants. Academic freedom, at least as long as you toe the PC line. The LA Times no longer even prints letters to the editor from people who don’t buy into the left’s climate hysteria. Freedom of the press indeed.

“Like a movie.” That's how Ryan Ciampoli described the harrowing moment he saw a little girl open the back door of a moving bus and go tumbling out. As 40/29 News reports, Ciampoli was traveling behind the bus on Highway 65 in Harrison, Arkansas, when he saw the door swing open. He told the outlet: “I saw it happening and it blew my mind. It was like I wasn't even seeing what I was seeing.” According to Fox 8, Ciampoli, a volunteer firefighter and trained EMT, has a dash cam in his car that he sometimes uses when he's on duty — and he just happened to turn it on that day, catching the horrifying moment on camera. As the footage shows, as the bus drove off Ciampoli stopped his car and raced to the little four-year-old who lay motionless in the middle of the road. He told 40/29 News that, although he went against standard protocol for EMTs by moving the little girl, he knew he had to: “Obviously you want to leave her there, if she's not in danger, but obviously we're in the middle of a state highway so I couldn't leave her just laying there.”

Loved ones are mourning a former U.S. Marine gunned down early Sunday in an apparent road-rage shooting at a McDonald's drive-thru in Bedford, Indiana. Justin N. Lampkins, 25, was shot about 1:20 a.m. ET Sunday outside McDonald's, 3302 16th St., Bedford Police said. He died later at Indiana University Health Bedford. "He's an all-around amazing guy," Lampkins' sister Alyssa Stahl said. Evan Schaffer, 22, Orleans, was arrested for murder in Lampkins' death. Schaffer appeared for an initial hearing Tuesday morning in Lawrence Superior Court. Lampkins' sister said there were two witnesses in the truck with her brother at the time of the shooting. They told her Lampkins' truck was in line at the drive-thru when someone honked a horn at a pickup truck near the front. A large man got out of that vehicle and started walking. The vehicle that blew the horn took off, Stahl said. Lampkins and his passengers were getting ready to place their food order when the man reached into the open driver's window and punched Lampkins in the face. Lampkins stepped out of his truck and the man turned and shot him, Stahl said. "My brother just got out to defend himself," Stahl, 26, said. The shooting suspect wasn't driving, Bedford Police Assistant Chief Joe DeWees said. He got into the back seat of the pickup, which then left the scene. Bedford police stopped the vehicle near Patrick Robbins Way and Indiana 37. Schaffer did not cooperate, DeWees said. He was arrested after an officer used a Taser.

A drunk man drove his 1-year-old kid to the hospital to see someone there. When he walked into the hospital he was spotted by Logan Police, who were there on an unrelated case. They knew something was wrong right away...Logan Police Capt. Tyson Budge told Fox 13 that officers could tell Miller was “visibly intoxicated” when he entered the hospital with his child. Officers quickly questioned the man on suspicion of DUI, but he claimed he walked to the hospital, according to the Herald Journal. The officers thought otherwise, and attempted to detain Miller. Then things got heated. According to Fox 13, Miller started to resist officers and cause a scene. When they went to detain him, Miller used the closest thing to him as a “shield” to block the officers - his own infant child. According to Herald Journal, he was “holding the baby in such a manner that made it more difficult for police to detain him.” Fortunately, police were able to take the child away from the man before using a taser to subdue him. Fox 13 reported that Miller was taken to Cache County Jail on a slew of charges including child abuse, DUI with a minor in the vehicle, and assault on a corrections officer.

Sukhi Atwal's 12-year-old son, Amar, was riding in a Mitsubishi Outlander when it was struck by a taxi. The mother described her son as jolly and mischievous, “like boys are,” and said he always had a smile on his face. At the time of the May 2015 accident, Sukhi admitted Amar was sitting in the rear middle seat of the car, without a seatbelt on. The 12-year-old passed away as a result of the crash. Now, as Elite Daily reports, Sukhi is releasing footage of the accident as part of a seatbelt awareness campaign. She said in the video that she feels as though she's “failed as a mother”: “I keep thinking, why didn’t I drill it into him more — how important it was to wear that seatbelt.”

I need her to assist with the news you can't use

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), seat belt laws in the United States are divided into two categories — primary and secondary. The association explains on its website that a “primary seat belt law allow officers to ticket a driver or passenger for not wearing a seat belt, without any other traffic offense taking place. A secondary seat belt law allows law enforcement officers to issue a ticket for not wearing a seat belt only when there is another citable traffic infraction.” It further explains: Thirty-four states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have primary seat belt laws for front seat occupants. Eighteen states, D.C. and two territories include rear seats as primary enforcement. Fifteen states have secondary laws for adult front seat occupants. Six states also have secondary laws for rear seats. New Hampshire has enacted neither a primary nor a secondary seat belt law for adults, although the state does have a primary child passenger safety law that covers all drivers and passengers under 18. The GHSA also stated that specific laws very greatly from state to state.

Kristen Leigh Lauer, 23, and her boyfriend Marcus Green, 52, decided to go on a drive through the mountains of southern California. According to The Desert Sun, they were driving in a two-seat Porsche and had nowhere to place a baby seat. Instead, the couple sat their 5-month-old daughter, Armani Green, in Lauer's lap. The Riverside County Police Department received a report about an accident on Highway 74. Officers went to investigate and found the sports car had crashed through a side rail, plummeting 150 feet from the road. Lauer and Marcus were injured and needed a helicopter to bring them to the hospital. Baby Armani had been ejected from the vehicle and died from her injuries.

In the U.S., nearly 600 children have reportedly died over the last five years due to back-over injuries. KSL reports that information from the Primary Children's Hospital states back-over injuries most commonly occur to 1-year-olds and that the vehicle responsible is usually being driven by a parent or guardian. Primary Children's Hospital spokesperson Jessica Strong added that vehicle safety features, such as cameras and obstacle sensors, can be beneficial to spot children but that there is no substitution for human intervention. Chad echoed Strong's advice, telling the Tribune: “Nothing replaces the human eye and being able to walk around that vehicle. It can truly make a lifetime of difference — just those few seconds.” Strong also advised drivers to place a “Spot the Tot” sticker on the driver's side window as a reminder to perform all three safety checks before driving.

As CBS Miami reports, Viloria was working the breakfast shift at a Miami McDonald's on Tuesday morning, when an off-duty police officer and her two children pulled up to his window. As he brought their food, Viloria noticed the mom was having difficulty breathing. He told ABC's Local 10 News: “I see she's like inflating her neck, like trying to breathe, like 'ahh,' and basically I thought something was going wrong.” At that moment, the woman lost consciousness. Her foot slid off the brake pedal and the car began to roll away. Viloria told CBS Miami: “Her kids were screaming, 'Mother, mother, stop it, mother what are you doing?'” As he watched the car drift away from his window, Viloria said that all he could think about was doing what was necessary to save the unconscious woman: “I thought, 'If those kids lose their mother today, that’s going to be tragic.'” With the kids screaming and the car rolling away, Viloria knew they were in danger of crashing into another vehicle. So he took the quickest possible route to help the mom: through the drive-thru service window. He leapt through the window and ran to help the family. Meanwhile, the car narrowly missed hitting another car, ran into the curb, and came to a stop. Viloria shouted for the children to call 911, then ran back to the restaurant to get help. There, he found an off-duty firefighter and off-duty paramedic. The firefighter grabbed his partner, and the group ran to the mom's aid. While another McDonald's employee helped perform CPR on the woman, Viloria tried to keep the children calm: “I was with the kids telling them it was going to be all right.” Emergency crews quickly arrived at the scene and the woman was taken to the hospital. Authorities would not release details about her condition, but say she's alive.

After Ashad Russell saved the life of a Florida deputy sheriff by fatally shooting his attacker, a new video has been released showing the harrowing moment when Russell decided to act. Edward Strother had already rushed from his car to attack Deputy First Class Dean Bardes when Russell approached the scene. Emerging from his car, Russell drew his firearm and took aim at the suspect. Motorists who stopped along the highway as the assault on the officer unfolded recorded footage on their cellphones. The videos were pieced together by the State Attorney's office to reconstruct the entire incident. In the video, Strother can be seen on top of Bardes, viciously attacking him. According to investigators, Ashad Russell verbally warned Strother to stop. When Strother failed to comply, Russell made the decision to fire. Three shots can be heard, and as the third shot rings out, Strother falls to the ground. The release of the video illustrating the attack comes after the State Attorney's office concluded their investigation into the incident and declined to charge Russell with any crime. Following that decision, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott praised Russell as a hero in a statement.

An RV from the old days

A pumpkin got caught in the fuel filter

Monthly Rant ~ DMV Wants Max Tax
DMV is trying hard to get the max tax out of anyone in this state that purchases a vehicle. Recently I was contacted by a guy who bought a vehicle without a title. As you may know it is against the law to sell a vehicle in Virginia if you do not have title to that vehicle. The car in question was left at a shop and the owner never came back to get it. The seller had inherited the shop along with the abandoned vehicle. The buyer wanted the car - a rust bucket worth scrap value - and offered a trade to get it. Once the buyer had it he then tried to get a title using the DMV abandoned vehicle process.

This process is to be used when a vehicle is abandoned on your property. You fill out a DMV online form to begin the process. DMV checks the VIN to see if the car is registered to someone. If the vehicle is not registered to anyone then the process continues and ends with the person who wants the title getting the title and paying DMV a fee. But then DMV threw a wrench in the works.

The rust bucket of a car with a value of perhaps $200 was determined by DMV to be worth between $9000 and $14,000. And of course DMV wanted to charge the new owner the Sales and Use Tax of 4.15%. That amounts to $373.50 for tax on $9000. This was too much for the buyer and now it looks like he is stuck with a vehicle with no title or he will have to pay the tax to get his title.

There is no law in the Code of Virginia that states that you have to prove the value of a vehicle. You simply state what you paid for the vehicle on the title - right? Wrong - DMV has a rule listed below:

"For a transaction between private individuals, the minimum Motor Vehicle Sales and Use Tax is calculated based on the trade-in value given in the NADA Official Used Car Guide. You must present either an Affidavit for Procurement of Title (SUT-1A) if the vehicle is 5 years old or newer (based on the model year) or a Bill of Sale if the vehicle is more than 5 years old. (The sale price placed on a title certificate by the seller is the equivalent of a bill of sale.) A bill of sale must be signed by both the seller and the buyer to include the full vehicle description, vehicle identification number and date of sale."

Keep in mind this is a rule made up by DMV and not a law. But it still gets enforced. Also keep in mind that NADA has a value for just about any vehicle - I checked Fords and NADA has values back as far as 1926.

A few years ago my brother bought an old Cadillac that didn't run and was mostly a parts car. He wrote on the title exactly what he paid for the car. DMV looked up the value and changed it to book value for tax purposes - a much higher price than he actually paid for the car!

What can you do to protect yourself from DMV charging tax on an amount more than what you actually paid for the car? Get a bill of sale! Get one for every vehicle you buy from a private seller. First check to make sure the VIN on the title matches the VIN on the car and before you buy pull out the bill of sale. You can print this one: Bill of Sale.

I think DMV should take the word of anyone just like it says in their rule: "The sale price placed on a title certificate by the seller is the equivalent of a bill of sale." Which is a lie because if a seller writes down $500 for a 2010 Corvette you know you are not getting out of the SUT tax that cheap and DMV will look up the book value.

Keep in mind that this is in the Code of Virginia § 58.1-2402:
"Any person who with intent to evade or to aid another person to evade the tax provided for herein, falsely states the selling price of a vehicle on a bill of sale, assignment of title, application for title, or any other document or paper submitted to the Commissioner pursuant to any provisions of this title or Title 46.2, shall be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor."

Nurse Stops Dying Man From Being Forced to Give Blood to Police
This is just unbelievable ~ Fred
A hospital patient who a Utah nurse said she was protecting when she refused to allow police to draw his blood has died.

William Gray, a commercial truck driver and reserve police officer, died late Monday of the injuries he suffered when a fiery July 26 crash left him with burns over nearly half his body, University of Utah Health spokeswoman Suzanne Winchester said.

Gray was unconscious at the Salt Lake City hospital when police detective Jeff Payne asked to draw his blood hours after the crash.

Nurse Alex Wubbels refused because hospital policy required a warrant or patient consent. Payne handcuffed her and dragged her outside.

Gray was hauling a load of sand in northern Utah when a pickup truck speeding away from police crossed the center line and hit his truck head-on, causing an explosion. State police had been trying to pull over the pickup driver after several people called 911 to report he was driving recklessly.

Gray was not suspected of wrongdoing,

The pickup driver, Marcos Torres, 26, died in the crash, and Utah police routinely collect such evidence from everyone involved in fatal crashes.

Dramatic video of Wubbels' arrest caught widespread attention online amid national scrutiny of police use of force. Payne and the supervisor who backed him, Lt. James Tracy, were placed on leave amid internal and criminal investigations.

Salt Lake City police apologized and Chief Mike Brown is now considering possible discipline. The officers' union has said Payne and Tracy have unfairly been made into pariahs.

Salt Lake Police Association president Stephen Hartney stopped short of defending Payne at a Tuesday news conference, but he lauded the detective's nearly three-decades as an officer.

Asked to assess how Payne handcuffed and dragged Wubbels out of the hospital, Hartney said: "Any resisting of arrest is embarrassing and does not look good," Hartney said.

Hartney acknowledged that the handling of police body camera footage is still new, but said he believes the footage of the arrest shouldn't have been released until the investigation is complete.

Salt Lake City officials have stood behind their decision to release it to Wubbels and her attorney.

"Sadly, right now everyone wants to see things immediately," Hartney said. "We do need to make sure we give that time for due process."

Gray, 43, served with police in the southeastern Idaho city of Rigby. Chief Sam Tower said he was dedicated to the community of about 4,000 people and plowed snow from a sidewalk last winter so neighborhood kids wouldn't have to walk in the street.

"Bill was truly the best of mankind," Rigby police said in a Facebook post. "Always willing to help, always willing to go the extra mile. Bill was a big man, with a bigger heart. Everything about him was generous and kind."

Tower previously thanked Wubbels for her efforts to protect Gray's rights and prevent his blood from being drawn.

Red roadster

Chopped 5-window coupe

Coil-On-Plug Boot Is the New Spark Plug Wire
RockAuto's Ignition Tune-Up-Kits for older engines typically include a Distributor Cap, Distributor Rotor and Spark Plug Wire Set. If those parts are corroded, have electrical arcing to other parts or are otherwise worn, then the engine may stall, misfire, fail to start or experience a host of intermittent problems because there is no longer a reliable electrical connection between the Spark Plugs and the Ignition Coil(s).

Newer Coil-On-Plug (COP) ignition systems do not have Distributors and most do not have Spark Plug Wires. Each Spark Plug has a dedicated Ignition Coil, but there still must be some "wiring" between each Ignition Coil and its Spark Plug. The electrical connection between the Spark Plug and Ignition Coil is provided by the Spark Plug/Coil-On-Plug Boot.

Engines with two Spark Plugs per cylinder may have Ignition Coils with two Coil-On-Plug Boots or one Coil-On-Plug Boot plus one post for a Spark Plug Wire that runs to the cylinder's second Spark Plug.

Coil-On-Plug Boots and Spark Plug Wires have similar jobs, and the symptoms of failure (misfires, electrical shorts, stalling, etc.) are the same. The flexible Coil-On-Plug Boot is an electrical insulator and seals out moisture and dirt. Typically a wire spring in the center of the boot provides the electrical connection between the Spark Plug and the Ignition Coil. The spring often arrives separate from the flexible boot and is inserted during installation. Age, heat, moisture, corrosion, motor oil, and other hazards gradually degrade the boot and/or the spring conductor.

It is a good idea to replace the Spark Plug/Coil-On-Plug Boots when the spark plugs are changed. Replace all the boots at once. If one boot is cracked or corroded, then the rest likely will be soon. A set of new Spark Plug/Coil-On-Plug Boots typically costs about the same and is as easy to install as a Spark Plug Wire Set on an older engine. New COP Ignition Coils almost always include new COP Boots because putting a new coil on an old boot would be as unwise as connecting a new Ignition Coil to a worn Distributor Cap or cracked Spark Plug Wires.

Find Spark Plug/Coil-On-Plug Boots by ACDelco, Airtex, Auto 7, Beck/Arnley, Delphi, Denso, Motorcraft, NGK, Power Select/WPS, Spectra Premium, Standard Motor Products, United Motor Products, Ultra-Power and other manufacturers in the catalog under the "Ignition" category for your specific car or truck.

Tom Taylor,

Smooth 35 Ford sedan

A very sharp custom Chevy

Tesla Firing Hundreds While Ramping Up Production
Tesla is firing hundreds of employees, the San Jose Mercury News has reported.

The news followed annual reviews at the company, and was reported just one day after Tesla (TSLA) announced a recall impacting 11,000 of its Model X SUV's worldwide. The recall concerned rear seats that may fail to lock safely in place in the vehicles.

The Mercury News reported that the dismissals were not classified as layoffs, but were performance-related. Most of those fired were in sales and administrative roles not manufacturing and engineering. The report says between 400 and 700 people were fired. The company's Fremont, California manufacturing plant has more than 10,000 workers.

Tesla could not immediately be reached for comment, but appears to have confirmed the report to the San Jose Mercury News.

Tesla has discontinued its cheapest Model S, the rear-wheel-drive 75.

Bumper Sticker of the Month

A lot of people have gotten plenty of experience

Whatever happened to cigarette girls?

Kool Site of the Month

Video of the Month
1951 Ford Coupe - Jay Leno's Garage

Repair Mistakes & Blunders
From Rock Auto
My new (to me) '65 Mustang is a blast to drive, and I really love its simplicity. I was lucky enough to find one without rust, but I had to install an aftermarket stereo.

Now, installing a new stereo in a '65 Mustang is a pretty simple deal, just hook up a few power wires (one constant, one keyed), speakers and ground. No problem, I have done it a hundred times. I needed to work with the door open, and that leaves the interior lights on. Those lights are under the dash, and when working there, the lit bulbs are very distracting. So I pulled the bulbs and got to work tracing wires for my power source. With a test light, I found one that supplied power all the time and another that supplied power only with the key on. I hooked up both power wires and grounded the stereo to a screw on the dash. Then I wired up the speakers and tested. Sweet...worked great!

Next morning, I backed the car out of the garage, and to my amazement, the stereo would not power up. What?! I played with some buttons, jiggled some wires and nothing, no power at all. Needing to get to work, I left the car to roll down the garage door. Walking back to the car, I saw the stereo through the open door. It was on!! Awesome! Must have been something loose that fixed itself when I left the car. Not particularly happy that the stereo was wired haphazardly like that, I dismissed it for the moment (had to go to work) figuring I would investigate it later.

I shut the door, no power to the stereo again! It must have been that loose wire. Curious, I opened the door and the stereo turned on along with the interior lights. Hmm, did I really do that? I closed and opened the door. I did do that! I wired the stereo to the interior lights! In my defense, they looked like a constant power source when you are tracing wires with the door open!

Ted in Washington

Custom Crown Vic

Liberal states vow to meet Paris climate goals without Trump
From the Washington Times
The governors of more than a dozen liberal states, described as the economic equivalent of “the third-largest country in the world,” said Wednesday they are on track to meet their share of the Paris climate agreement despite President Trump’s decision to withdraw.

Known as the U.S. Climate Alliance, the 14 governors released a report showing that their states will be able to reduce emissions by 24 percent to 29 percent below 2005 levels by 2025, which would “fulfill their contribution to the Paris Agreement targets.”

“We’re doing something in the face of inaction, or as Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo said, denial,” said Gov. Jerry Brown, California Democrat, at a press conference in New York City.

Even without Paris, the U.S. has led the world in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, thanks in large part to the transition from coal to natural gas, made possible by technological breakthroughs such as hydraulic fracturing.

The governors didn’t mention fracking, which Mr. Cuomo has banned in New York, crediting the anticipated decline instead to clean-energy initiatives such as cap-and-trade programs and incentives to buy electric cars and solar panels.

“We are controlling our own destiny, and there is nothing that Donald Trump can do to stop us in our states from advancing these policies,” said Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington. “He can’t stop our caps. He can’t stop our cap and trades. He can’t stop our incentives.”

The governors launched the alliance June 1, the same day Mr. Trump announced he would pull out of the nonbinding accord, saying it would place the U.S. economy at a huge disadvantage in order to achieve a negligible reduction in global temperatures.

The alliance grew this week to 14 states — Puerto Rico is also a member — with the addition of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper of North Carolina.

The alliance has been billed as bipartisan, which is technically true, albeit just barely. The only GOP governor on the list is Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, recently described by The Atlantic as “the bluest Republican.”

Combined, the 14 states represent 41 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product, which would make them the third-largest economy in the world if they broke off and formed a separate nation — which the Democrats were quick to insist they aren’t planning to do.

“If we were a country — and we’re not suggesting that, because there would be a constitutional problem — but if we were a country, we would be the third-largest economy of any nation in the world,” Mr. Inslee said. “So this is a significant achievement.”

Added Mr. Brown: “The number of states represent in economic terms the third-largest entity in the world if we were to be one nation-state — which we of course are not.

“But together, in aggregate, we are a political and economic force, and we will drive the change that will get us to the climate goals that we have to reach,” Mr. Brown said.

The report issued Wednesday found that the 14 states had reduced emissions by 15 percent between 2005 and 2015, as opposed to a 10 percent decrease by other states well before enacting any policies tied to the Paris agreement.

Credit was given to the alliance states’ growing renewable energy portfolio, zero-emission vehicle fleet and energy efficiency initiatives, such as LEED-certified “green buildings.”

Included in the 2015 Paris accord was a hefty financial commitment: Developed countries pledged to transfer a combined $100 billion to developing nations to help them comply with the agreement, which seeks to hold increases in global temperatures to below 2 degrees Celsius.

Will the 14 states pay the U.S. share? Former Secretary of State John F. Kerry said at the press conference that he had met with several financial leaders, including ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, to discuss private sector funding.

Mr. Brown pointed to the cap-and-trade agreement between California and Quebec, which he said could result in “billions of dollars of private money that could go in part to supporting Third World countries to the extent they could reduce their greenhouse gases.”

Mr. Trump has said that he would reconsider withdrawing from the climate agreement if the conditions are renegotiated, which, so far, European leaders have said they refuse to do.

The announcement received a shoutout from actor Leonardo DiCaprio on Twitter.

Mr. Cuomo urged other governors to join the alliance, saying they should “take a hard look at the facts and the science and put aside the politics.”

“The coalition and the alliance and the sharing of information and the sharing of technology, I think, is a beautiful [counterexample] to the denial of the federal government,” Mr. Cuomo said, “and that’s what this alliance is about.”

You never know what you are going to see at a show

After The Honeymoon
One evening, after the honeymoon, Bill was welding some stuff in the garage for fun.

His new wife was standing there by the bench watching him.

After a long period of silence she finally said, "Honey, I've just been thinking, now that we are married, maybe it's time you quit spending so much of your time out here in your garage."

"You probably should also consider selling all your welding equipment along with your gun collection and your fishing gear and boat and lose all those stupid model airplanes plus dump that vintage Austin Healy sports car and your home brew equipment."

Tom got a horrified look on his face.

She said, "Darling, what's wrong?"

He replied, "There for a minute, you were starting to sound like my ex-wife."

"Ex-wife! ?"she screamed, "YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU WERE MARRIED BEFORE!"

Tom replied: “I wasn't."

Apparently they want to be close to their women in that tiny car

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